One Way Truck Rentals

Moving interstate? Delivering to another city? We’ll organise your truck when and where you need it, and collect it at the other end.
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One Way Truck Rentals
One-way rentals are often not an option in the truck rental business. But with Southern Cross Truck Rentals we can arrange for you to pick up or drop off the truck in most major Australian capital cities.

Save money when you move interstate

Moving interstate is easier and cheaper with a one-way truck or van rental. It’s the ideal solution for when you’re changing home or office over a long distance. Southern Cross Truck Rentals, based in Western Sydney, is one of the few vehicle hire companies to offer this option.

Everyone knows moving house or premises is stressful. There’s a lot to do and so much to organise, but when you take charge of your own trip you will:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Save hassle
  • Pack up, hit the road and unload at your own pace

How one-way truck rental works

When you choose a one-way truck you only have to worry about the ‘loaded leg’ of your trip. Once you’re done, you either drop the truck or van off at our Smeaton Grange yard on Narellan Road or, if your one-way trip was outbound from Sydney, hand the truck over to our driver who’ll meet you at your local airport (or Canberra Railway Station for moves to the ACT). As soon as you hand the keys over, you have one less thing to worry about.

Details on our standard one-way truck rentals package:

  • Routes: You must begin or end in Sydney with the metro areas of Melbourne, Brisbane (including Gold Coast), Adelaide or Canberra as the other stop.
  • Time: You get 3 full days to load, drive, unpack and drop your vehicle off.
  • Fuel: Your truck will have a full tank when you pick it up and it must have a full tank when you hand it back.
  • Moving accessories: You can hire boxes, ropes, blankets, tie-downs and trolleys as optional extras.

Interstate truck hire with your car licence

Not many people know that your standard car licence (also called a C-class licence) allows you to legally rent and operate a moving truck large enough to fit an entire houseload of furniture.

We are happy to advise on which moving truck or van in our fleet will best suit your move. The rule of thumb is to choose a vehicle big enough to take all your furniture, boxes and belongings in one go. Generally, a C-class truck can carry enough to fill a 3-bedroom home plus garden shed, while moving van rental suits people living in apartments.
Use our handy Moving Truck Volume Calculator to work out exactly how much space you’ll need.

When you’re on the road

Yes, a moving truck or van is bigger than a car, but they are still very easy to drive. Our one-way rental fleet is made up of trucks and vans that have air-conditioning, power steering and economical diesel engines. A choice of manual and automatic transmissions is available. Whether in the city or on the open road, our vehicles are comfortable and easy to handle.

In the unlikely event of a mechanical breakdown, 24-hour roadside support is only a phone call away.

Save on hassle

A one-way rental gives you greater flexibility. When you’re moving interstate with a dedicated removals company, you pay not just for the truck but also for 2 to 3 staff to journey out and back.

Also, when you drive yourself you also control the schedule. It means dealing with the inevitable delays in packing, travel and unloading doesn’t cost extra. All you have to do is meet the agreed handover conditions. Plus, no one will take better care of your belongings in transit than you will.

So, choose the option where you know the costs upfront and which gives you full control of the when, where and how you move. We will even provide an expert estimate of your fuel usage.


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Hire a truck driver

Do you need to move goods interstate but don’t have the licence to drive a large truck? No worries. At Southern Cross Truck Rentals we offer a driver hire service across our whole fleet.

24-Hour Emergency Truck Rental

Need to get your goods back on the road as soon as possible after a breakdown? Call Southern Cross Truck Rental and we can have a replacement vehicle to you straight away, any time of the day or night.

What size truck do you need?

Use our handy Moving Truck Volume Calculator to work out what size truck you need. Then see our Fleet Guide for the selection of trucks with the volume you require.

Get the best value for your money

You can compare the cost of engaging a removals company and hiring a truck with our moving truck price comparison.

Relocation in Australia: What do I need to know?

To make your move as easy as possible, use our Interstate Removals Fact Sheet as a guide to get your move on track.

Moving equipment hire

Moving house or business? We offer a one stop shop for all your moving truck hire needs, including moving boxes, ropes, carpet and trolleys.

24-Hour Roadside Assistance

What should you do if your truck breaks down halfway through your trip? Our modern fleet are in excellent condition, but we’ve also got you covered in the unfortunate event that your rental truck breaks down. Our 24-hour emergency assistance service will have your vehicle repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

FAQs for Truck Rental

Do you have more questions about one-way truck rental? The answer might be on our FAQs for hiring a truck page.

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