Tabletops & Tautliners

Are you transporting building materials, heavy equipment or goods? We offer flatbed truck hire, tipper truck hire, crane truck hire and enclosed tautliner trucks, from 2 and 3 tonne to 12 tonne trucks, including 6 and 8 tonne truck rentals.

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8 Tonne Tray

12 or 14 pallet capacity Tray top - available for short or long term hire.

8 Tonne Tray with Front Mounted Crane

With a full reach of 8.5m the crane on the traytop will carry 300kg at full reach and 2200kg close in.

6 Tonne Tray with Gates

This 10 pallet capacity Traytop is available for hire. Contact us for details.

3 Tonne Tray with Gates

With a full tail gate loader and 3 winches, this tabletop is the perfect cargo mover.

2 Tonne Tray

A smaller tray top that only requires a c/car licence and has a 3 pallet capacity

12 Tonne Tray with Container Pins

14 pallet tray top with air conditioning and abs brakes. Can carry up to 14 pallets or container.

8 Tonne Tautliners (Various Models)

A range of Tautliners available with or without Tail Lifts and with 12 or 14 pallet capacity depending on the model.

6 Tonne Tautliner with Tuck Away Tail Lift

Get 200kms free kms per day when you rent this 6 tonne truck, pick up and delivery is available.

12 Tonne Tautliner

12 Tonne Tautliner, 14 Pallet truck with a rear lazy axle, available with or without Tail Lift.

Due to various models, dimensions may vary slightly, please call us on 02 4633 6100 for specific details

Tabletop & Tautliner Truck Hire Information

Emergency Rentals 24-Hours A Day

No matter what time of the day or night, if you need a truck urgently, give us a call. We’ll have the vehicle you need to you in no time.

Hire A Truck Driver

Needing a large truck doesn’t mean you always have the licence to drive one. This is where our truck driver hire service comes in. When booking your truck, just let us know you’ll need a driver and we’ll arrange it for you.

One Way Truck Rentals

Moving interstate? You don’t need to worry about returning the truck to Sydney. Our one-way truck hire and interstate truck hire service means you can pick up a truck in most major Australian cities and drive it to where you need to go. We’ll organise the rest.

Emergency Breakdown Service

We take excellent care of our modern fleet of tabletops and tautliners. In the unlikely event that one breaks down, just call us on 02 4633 6100 – our 24-hour emergency roadside assistance service will have you back on the road as soon as possible.

FAQs For Hiring A Truck

For more information about hiring a truck, take a look at our FAQs page.

Sydney Truck Rental

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