Prime Mover Hire Sydney

Need a heavy haulage hire truck? Whether you want it short term, or for a long term truck lease, we’ve got a clean, well maintained vehicle to suit you.

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Single Rated Prime Movers - Automatic

Our single trailer rated Prime Movers come in bonneted or cab over versions. And with 200kms free.

B Double Prime Mover - Manual

The B Double Kenworths are available for hire in the K200 Model, Contact us for details.

B Double Prime Mover - Automatic

Our B double Prime Movers are Ideal for interstate transport. The automatic configuration makes driving much easier.

Due to various models, dimensions may vary slightly, please call us on 02 4633 6100 for specific details

Information For Hiring A Prime Mover Truck

Choose Your Truck Model

We offer the largest fleet and widest range of prime mover hire trucks in Sydney. We understand that when replacing your regular vehicle, you need to be comfortable for long drives, so our fleet reflects the most popular vehicles on the road. Let us know what you usually drive and we’ll do our best to give you a comparable replacement.

Hiring Multiple Trucks

If you need to hire a group of prime mover trucks, give us a call.

One-Way Truck Rental

Do you need a truck for an interstate job, travelling one way only? We offer a one-way truck hire and interstate truck hire service, so you can pick up the truck and take it to where you need to go – we’ll organise the rest.

Emergency Rentals

If your truck breaks down in the middle of the night, we can have a replacement truck to you in no time. Let us know the model of your truck and we’ll arrange a comparable vehicle for you to drive while yours is out of action.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Our modern fleet of trucks are well-maintained and checked before and after every job. If one happens to break down however, we have a 24-hour emergency roadside assistance service to get you back on the road in no time. Call 02 4633 6100.

FAQs For Hiring A Truck

For more information about hiring a truck, take a look at our FAQs page

Sydney Truck Hire

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