Mini Bus Hire Sydney

Need to hire a mini bus in Sydney? From sports team transport and school excursions to wedding bus charters, we get you moving. Driver and luggage trailer hire available.

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Luggage Trailers

Got lots of luggage? Hire a covered trailer to take the load. Contact us for more details.

8 Seater Mini Bus

A small easy maneuver 8 seat mini bus to get you and your friends to that special event.

25 Seater Bus

This large 25 seat bus requires a light rigid driver's licence or you can easily hire a driver from us.

14 Seater Mini Bus

Rent this air conditioned bus for hen nights, sporting events and group outings. Ask us about hiring a driver.

12 Seater Mini Bus

Rent this 12 seat bus for weddings, parties and group outings. Easy to drive or ask us about hiring a driver.

Due to various models, dimensions may vary slightly, please call us on 02 4633 6100 for specific details

Mini Bus Rental Information

Do We Offer Driver Hire?

Yes! If you need a bus that seats more than 12 passengers, you’ll either need a Light Rigid license or we can organise a driver for you. If you need a charter for a wine tour, wedding or sports team, we can arrange a driver to take you.

Additional Equipment

If you need extra luggage space we have luggage trailers for hire that attach to the back of your mini bus, meaning your bus aisles won’t be cluttered with bags and sporting equipment. You can also rent child and booster seats if necessary.

Multiple Mini Bus Hire

We have multiple mini buses of different sizes for hire. If you have a big group, give us a call and we can arrange your rental at a competitive price. We also offer a corporate card loyalty service if your business regularly books mini bus hire with us.

What Happens If The Bus Breaks Down?

We provide a 24-hour emergency service to get your mini bus back up and running any time of the day or night. Just call 02 4633 6100.

What Else Should You Know When Hiring A Mini Bus?

For more information on where you can drive the vehicle, what insurance you might need or any other requirements you might need to know, read our FAQs for hiring a vehicle.

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